Smart Business Corp Review Month 1

Jorge B

Here's an update on the Smart Business Corp income I've made since May. It's seriously blowing my mind just looking at these numbers.

So just a heads up. Since I got involved in the middle of the month my first month is short. I'll call the month whenever it start on this report.

The way I like to look at this is what if I was working 8 hours for this income. In the first month I made $40 a day. It still feels kind of crazy since no other place I've put my money has given these types of returns.

Fiesta De Lucro Month 1 Earnings

I'll post my numbers every month so you can see how it is all adding up. So far I'm very pleased with Smart Business Corp.

Check out Month 2 earnings here.

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Here is a video I made to go more in depth on what this month looked like.

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